Midway Arcade Origins (Xbox 360, import)

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Midway Arcade Origins, a compilation of over 30 classic titles, has been announced for Xbox 360 by Warner.Containing such old school classics as Gauntlet, Rampage, Joust, Spy Hunter, Defender, and Marble Madness, the collection has been updated with Achievement and trophy support as well as added local, co-op multiplayer and leaderboards for a select number of titles.Heres the full list:720 Skateboard through the neighborhood and earn a ticket to compete at the big skate park.A.P.B. Drive around as Officer Bob to ticket and arrest law-breakers and meet your ticket quota.Arch Rivals Outscore your opponent in this classic basketball game.Bubbles Maneuver around dirty objects as a soapy bubble trying to clean a kitchen sink.Championship Sprint Race to the finish in this classic speed game.Tournament Cyberball 2072 Control a robotic football team and score touchdowns with exploding Cyberballs and short-circuiting robo-offenders.Defender Defend a far-off planet from waves of invading aliens while protecting the human race in this shooting game.Defender II Deliver humans to safety through the teleporting gateway, all while defending against attacking alien forces.Gauntlet Venture through dungeons as one of four fantasy-based characters to vanquish enemies and collect treasures and potions.Gauntlet II Reprise the role of your favorite fictional characters to embark on a new quest with all new levels, enemies and challenges.Joust Mount a flying ostrich and fly through levels by toppling groups of buzzard-riding knights.Joust 2 Transform your ostrich into a powerful Pegasus to defend against the enemy buzzard-riding knights.Marble Madness Glide a marble through mazes and obstacles in this platform game.Pit-Fighter Be the last man standing to punch, kick, and beat your opponent in the fighting pit.Rampage Take control of gigantic mutants to demolish the city and terrorize civilization.Rampart Defend your castles by attacking oncoming forces and repairing any d